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This page is about me and my coming out.

Hi guys. Glad you are interested in reading about me, my life, and my love, and seeing my pictures. Well, there isn't much here yet, but I do promise that I will work on it. Well, I am a 23 year old female. I am a lesbian and have a wonderful girlfriend. I was born in Ukraine but live in Chicago now. I did not know or even think it was possible that I was gay until February, 1998. I always had crushes on my girlfriends and teachers and hot TV actresses, such as Gina Gershon, but somehow I never gave it any thought. In Feb. I met this girl, Amanda * who is real hot btw* online who became my real good friend and we started talking about our lives. We both were interested in the Xena: Warrior Princess TV show and that sorta triggered the tone of our conversations (for people who don't watch this AWESOME show- Xena and Gabrielle are in love). So, to make a long story short: By April I realized * finally!!!* that I was gay and AHH did it feel GOOD:):) There was no bad feelings, just happiness in finally understanding myself. I was very lucky. I came out to 3 of my real life friends and did not lose their friendship. I was not even going to tell my friend Nancy when I did, but it just sorta happened. *G* And here is how: My Birthday is April 16th and she took me out to this extra fancy place... So we sat and talked as we always do.. And she just started asking all these questions. I really wanted to tell her but was afraid; her friendship means a lot to me. And finally.. after a few drinks I SAID it.. And guess what? She was not surprised.. Not a bit:) I was relieved. And guess what happens the very next day?
If you want to go on My Love Story is here.

Pictures are here.

There is something about Patti

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