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I was sitting at home one of those rainy days and was thinking how much my friends mean to me.And here is how I found so many wonderful friends: My life was dull and boring and I knew I was missing something. All my friends who I grew up with were far and away and I was never good at making new ones. So, I went and bought computer. I was into Xena and so I was browsing Xena related sites and chat rooms. And one day I found I was lurking for a little while and finally found myself posting too. Who knew at that time that it will become my Home away from Home? And that I will meet so many great people, who will become my friends and some become family? They helped and still helping me through my bad days and share my happy ones. I want to thank every and each friend I met online. I am very grateful for their presence in my life. CelticHuntress, LadyCop, Dove, LeatherQueen, Henbane, Suezzy, Elemenopee, Cavie, Caesarsbad, Marquessa, Lael, Chiclet, Witness, WorkNBroad, Faithie, BondageBabe, TheBattleship, Drakon, Wilma3, LisaB, Wosy, StellabyStarlight, ZeldabyMoonlight, Summer Sun, BardtotheBone, BardStormy, Pamela, LaFemmeLolita, KiraXena, Troi, RPrincess, Bomac, Quoth, LeapinLiz, Sandy,Tuatha de Danaan, Gideon, Themis, PoeticHeart,Catalina, Sooner, Soul Survivor and many many more


Friends like mine are hard to find.
I know because I've looked a long time.
Some were made in the flash of a smile
That lit a friendly fire inside.
Others aged like wine over long nighs and quiet conversation.
Some were made because of something shared
Others because diversity is the spice of life
Some were made because of proximity
Others were made across time and distances
Some were made of daily necessity
Others were made of desperate need.
Some will last one shining moment
Others will last a lifetime
I thank God for my friends when I pray
Without them I'd never get through the day.

                 By Witness

Picture Gallery:My Friends.





Me,Dovie and Dee Gang:)

My sis

Nic and Jackie

Me and Dovie


Me and Dee

Me Me ME !!!!!

Laura and Nancy

Me and Dee

Me and Dee in her house

Me and Dee again

My Best Friend John

John again...

KiraXena and Troi

Nice shades girls:)

Troi and KiraXena again




Suezzy as a grown up #1

Suezzy as a grown up #2

Suezzy as a grown up #3


Celt,KX and Troi







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