Poetry by Halcyon

In The Wind
In the wind
the smell of darkness drifts
clinging to the tattered forms
of once brightly colored leaves
now fallen ...
left behind
defeated by their very nature

In the wind
the sound of violence
is captured by the screams
in my head
driving me forward,
leaping into the heart of the malestrom

And here I stand
in the wind
spidery forms of the leaves
tracing my skin,
clinging ...
as like clings to like
defeating my attempt
to find shelter
I no longer care to seek it
and am at home within
the hurricane...

And Still...
And Still...
I turn my head to catch
the barest trace of a scent...
trying to remember...
and then,
trying to forget..

And Still..
your memory lingers
like a fragrance on the wind

A flash of color catches my eye
drawing me down a corridor
in hopes that I might remember...
and then...
try to forget

And Still
your memory remains
etched behind my eyes, outlined in color

A low, vibrant chuckle slides past my ear
bringing a smile to my face
and a shiver... down my spine
as I remember
and then...
in vain,
try to forget

And still
I remain alone
with only the ghost of your memory
to keep me company.

Your smile
your laugh
was all it took
to bring me
to a place within
your heart


A gentle embrace
a tender kiss
sweet words of wisdom
of hope
of light


Peaceful walks
gentle talks
memories of days gone by
and dreams for the future
driving as I listen
to a low voice singing


And as you walk away
leaving me with words to inspire
and a soft glow to guide my feet
I can still feel your hand in mine
and that sense of deepening within

Depth of my own...
through knowing you

and washes away the traces
of pain that once lingered
The emptiness grows
in letting go
I have given up
that which filled me
to the top
keeping me together
with bonds forged
with once passion

Now there is nothing
to keep me from falling apart
fading into the sunlight
glittering upon drifting ocean waves
taking what is left
to where ever their
destination lies...

Hidden Light
memories can scream
like angry fingers
down the chalkboards of your dreams

The can twist and they can tangle
causing agony and more
but after swallowing bitter salt
you'll arrive on the distant shore

Where the curious sun warms you
as it comes in for a closer look
and the coarse sands remind you
of the words in a familiar book

And no matter how loud the darkness calls
no matter how hard you cry
you know that with the passing of time
His hand will help you fly

Into a life renewed
a faith restored
surrounded by love
and the grace of the Lord

And I long for the darkness
to feel its caress
to soothe back the shadows
that come with the light

I long for oblivion
to hold back the day
to scatter my sorrows
and take me away

I long to forget all that time holds
both present and future
before I get swallowed up within the past
and the magnitude of knowing mistakes

Choices I would have been better off
not making...

And in faded dreams
against the night
a hero rose
and took flight

one more step
towards the door
and back I took
but one step more

until the gulf
grew wide and deep
and nothing would mend
except in sleep

And in those faded dreams
I see
a memory of what
could be

If I could remember
how to shine ...

Spoken like a true hero
the words they fell alone
into shadowy darkness
where the lost sat upon their thrones

Steal from them what they will not give
a sibilant whisper spoke
the thought of heros and their light
is just a rotten joke.

Nothing more was said that night
but hollow hearts grew cold
and little more was considered
than thought of growing old

I stand,
an island against the sea
swift breakers thundering towards me
chill and wet
I take a step forward,
parting the water as I go..
until my feet
get washed out from beneath me
and I am dragged under the raging waves...
Not to be heard from again

Fortune Smiles
In light of the frienships
being forged
in light of the hope exchanged
in light of the memories resurrected
and those expunged from their dark home

In light of the moment
the truth, the words
In light of the movements
twisting within
In light of the mastery of artist
and scribe

One can only conclude
that fortune smiles
upon us all

In Dreams
Silence has a gentle form
and night is tinted blue
in the midst of a raging storm
my persistent thoughts return to you

And my love grows ever stronger
my heart softens with your touch
and though night seems so much longer
in your word I will always trust

and see you in the morning..

Our World
We danced and laughed and had a ball
in gentle, radiant ways
but then the sea did overcome
with raging foamy waves

And fortune overtook us
in a cloud of vapid steam
leaving us in ruins
among the remnants of our dreams

No one to commend our
silence to the skies
or forgive us as we wander lost
amid half hearted tries

to be more than we are
and more than we could be
in order to dance in darkness
and set each other free

alone, each one to wander
within a different world
with only written emptiness
upon paper cracked and curled

to keep a distant company
with a long lost age old friend
until we grasp that happiness
is the one thing that must end.

And we learn to let go.

Sad Words
Weeping rain clouds
booming thunder
jagged lightening
ripping wide a midnight sky

In the midst of it all
I stand
knowing my place
what I deserve

My body tense
as my tears mingle with the rain

The Challange
Your eyes search the darkness,
your rage heats the night
I cannot help by sigh as I step forward.

"Here I am"

Though it is little more than a whisper
you turn, eyes narrowing.

My heart flinching from the wildness in your eyes,
I move forward
the weariness within giving over to defeat
as I meet your unforgiving gaze.

"I'd give my life to change things"
My eyes fall

The Gift
A band of black atop one of blue
a gentle reminder of friendship and love
a mineral memory ...
bringing with it mountains, lakes
driving with the wind
and singing with the radio.

Warming the heart
and easing thoughts of the future.

Binding each to the other
and granting courage to care.

The Goal
One last goodbye
doth fall from your lips
sealing my fate
with a bittersweet kiss

Nothing so sour
could I ever know
than the taste of my victory
and seeing you go

If I'd only kept
my great mouth tight shut
I wouldn't be stuck
in this miserable rut

Pushing you away
before I am thrown
remembering your tears
I bite back a groan

and falls to my knees
all hope, it is gone
as I look to the place
where your dear light once shone

and find it grows brighter
as you turn back to me
suddenly knowing
what it must be

that could cause me to act
so cold and distant
and back to my side
you fly in an instant

bringing your light
to fill up my soul
unerringly guiding me
back to the goal...

of winning your love
The kiss... the Touch... the Heartcry
A heartfelt sigh
heated from within
escapes around your lips
as we smile into each other's mouths
breathing softly
as the kiss deepens...

More passionate
moving my soul
merging into yours
becoming in that moment

No words need be spoken
for we converse with our mouths
our hands
our hearts
nothing could say more than that.

The Sun
In the end
there was no more
shattered pieces
broken doors

No more boundaries
could be set
nor defences against
you yet

Nothing more
could be done
for you my dear
have become my sun

My life around
you does revolve
my long dilemma
did you solve

With life and love
and a gentle touch
something I've come
to want so much

you freed me
from my deepest fear
and with every
heartbeat, draw me near

And with all my heart
I love you so
and wrote these words
so you would know.

What a travesty..
this thing called love
these broken thorns
that pierce straight through
the remnants of a heart
long silent

You have no clue
no warmth, no memory
no taste of who I am
you have left me with nothing
but a tentative cord

strong enough to bind
but not strong enough
to hold my weight
why do I stay, when your bitterness scalds me?

Perhaps because I know that somewhere within
your pain is greater than what you gift me with.

Perhaps because I love you
and I can't change it even if I wanted to....

A "Twist" of Fate
round and round it goes...
heavy ropes of scaly links
not a breath left
to tell you how much I care
the pain is too much
endless torment
where all I see
is your anguished face
looking back at me
as I leave you
and let death have her way...

Helpless tears streak glistening paths
following a course of their own making
leaving nothing behind
no trace

I can do nothing...
my words cannot heal
Too far away am I
to make a difference
*the knowledge that I could do nothing
even were I there is too hard to face*
I cannot reach out and brush the tears
from your cheeks...
catching them and keeping them for my own...
I doubt you would have the patience
for my love in the face of your fears
your anger
your frustrations

And yet...
though my tears soak the pillow,
and my head bow in weariness
I cannot walk away and leave you to your pain
for you hold this heart...
in your hand
to do with it what you will.

Between here and there
is a land of wonder
a land of silence

Possessing an arrogance of it's own
A crippling atmosphere of distain
A sheltering coldness
preserving anguished memories
in ice crystal coffins

Sing softly, sadly
Cling to remorse
For here, no man rules
The land itself is alive...
Its breath,
the scent of remembrance
Its death
the birth of hope.

World of Dark
I wander
chasing shadows
flighty thoughts
and distant rainbows

Hearing your laughter
smiling at the sound
drawing a deep breath
and racing ahead

Dancing with daisies
and playing the harp
until your voice silences
the light forever

"I am not enough"
and I plunged into a world of dark....

Copyrightę 1998 Halcyon. All rights reserved.

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