I look at her and wonder?
What is it she sees in me?
Am I beautiful?
The answer is, No.
Am I rich?
Again, No.
Do I give her all she desires?
Sadly this is no too.
What can she possibly find in me to love?
Could it be as simple as this?
She loves me because,
In her I find all that I shall ever need.
Because I love her unconditionally?
Because I made a commitment no one else can break?
Maybe just, "Because"
Bonnie June 1999

Fly On Now Our Friend
Fly on now our friend, fly wild and free.
Freedom is now yours to be whoever you please.
Up with the eagles you now soar.
Your heart is pounding with a lion - like roar.
The peace and beauty you now see and feel.
Are easing your pain, you're beginning to heal.
Your eyes are shining from the moon and the stars.
Fading from view are your life's battle scars.
Your voice is now singing a soft melody.
It seems to be saying, "Do not cry for me".
Forever and always with the Lord you will abide.
In wonder and awe you walk at His side.
Fly on our friend, fly wild and free.
Forever in our hearts you'll always be.

April 1992


My cell phone rings,
I hear her voice say, "Hey there!"
I say, "Hi, how are you?"
She says, "Wanting you."
I sigh…. I groan….
I say, "Girl you know I can't!"
I hear, "Why not?"
I say, "You know why not."
She whispers, "She doesn't have to know."
"You don't have to tell her."
I say, "I said no!"
She says, "See you at my place when you get off work."
I go to my office in a state of panic.
I call you up, I say, "She is back!"
"Help me baby, I need you now!"
And you do, we talk, I am feeling better.
My cell phone rings again.
I hear, "I am all alone and where are you?"
She is in my right ear you are in my left.
I hear here say; "I want to feel your lips,
I want to feel your fingers, I want you!"
You can hear what she is saying.
You tell me to tell her, "No Way!"
You tell me to tell her about commitment.
I do all this; she does not give up.
She tells me what she will do to me, in my right ear.
You do the same in my left.
I am groaning, squealing, crying, and laughing.
She continues to pour it on,
You become angry.
Finally I seize control and tell her.
"You are one of my closest friends but...
I don't love you! I love her!"
That is what it is all about,
Love and commitment.
I have hurt her; I hear it in her voice.
Yet I have saved the most precious thing to me.


Gently down the rain it falls.
Pitter, patter, drip and drop.
Makes me think of lazy days.
That I would spend with you.
Wrapped inside a down filled throw.
Snuggled tight within its warmth.
Our hands explore each other's body.
A touch, a kiss, a light caress.
Telling each of the love we feel.
Without a word ever spoken.
The closeness and tenderness we feel.
Bonds us ever tighter.
Knowing that we'll always be.
Each other's own true love.
Let the rain keep coming down.
So we can have these precious times.
To imprint within our hearts.



When I look into your eyes,
There is so much to see.
First a lifelong commitment,
Between myself and thee.

And when I gaze a second time,
Into the depth of your soul.
I find a cup of love there in,
Preparing to overflow.

Then I search once again,
A third and final time.
And know that there is no going back,
I am eternally thine.



As the morning sun sneaks into our room.
Slumber slowly creeps from my senses.
I feel the warmth of your nakedness next to me.
I stretch sleep from my body and pull you into my embrace.
You moan softly in your sleep.
Your head nestles itself into my shoulder.
My arms envelop you tightly.
Your legs intertwine with mine.
My hand finds your silky mane.
My fingers traverse amongst its strands.
Your lips press against my flesh.
I look at you and see that sleep still claims you.
Even in sleep you react to the feel of my body near yours.
My hands move to your back and I begin to stroke there.
Your body clings closer to mine.
My lips find your forehead.
I kiss my way around your face.
Then our lips meet in passion.
And I kiss you fully awake.
Your hands begin to explore my body.
Every fold, every curve, every crevice.
Your lips begin to search my skin.
Looking for the sweet taste of nectar.
Searching until you find.
"My Desire"



As I try to fall into troubled slumber,
An ache of loneliness I feel,
I realize the one I love,
Is hundreds of miles from here,
I toss, I turn, I sigh, I cry
I want my baby by my side,
I need her warmth beside me now,
I need to feel her caress,
I want her lips upon my own,
Her legs entwined with mine,
Finally sleep comes to me,
And I begin to dream,
In my dream I feel safe, secure and warm,
I see before my eyes,
The face of my one true love,
I feel her arms around me,
Her breath upon my neck,
And in this dream I suddenly feel,
Her hands cupping my breasts,
Her teeth upon my skin,
I come awake with a start,
To find that I am laying there,
Within her loving arms,
She's really there, she really is,
And kisses she has for me,
Oh what a lucky woman I am,
To have found my love,
My Dream……..


My Love

There is a woman who has,
rocked my world as she passed.
She has done so much to me,
opened my eyes and set me free.
Free to love her more and more,
As each day passes I find more in her to adore.
She gives to me so many things,
Like how to enjoy the laughter, as it rings
And Snow!
I look at it now and see the new beauty it shows.
Walking in it late at night,
It sparkles like diamonds bright.
It brings her immediately to mind,
Then I am lost in thoughts of her, I am blind!
Blind to all that is occurring around me,
Because being with her is where I want to be.
She is all that I ever shall crave,
I find when near her it is so hard to behave!
Stolen kisses and hidden caresses.
Those times are always the best !
Her beauty to me is in the rose,
Growing ever more beautiful as time slowly flows.
So this ode is to her, My Love,
My gift, sent to me on wings of a dove.

Written Especially for Denni
By Her Secret Love

Oh Girl

My lady has a way,
To make my body yearn.
Her fingertips are dancing upon my skin.
Her lips branding mine as her own.
Her hands slide down my sides,
She firmly grips my backside in them.
A rush of desire courses through me.
She lowers her head to the hollow of my neck.
I begin to tremble from that desire.
She cups a breast in a hand,
And firmly kneads the taunt nipple.
I tremble more feircely now.
Her hand leaves my breast,
And finds my warm mound.
I begin to really shake from wanting.
She grabs my earlobe in her teeth,
And growls "You like that baby?"
I reply, "Oh Girl!"

June 1999


The time has come to say our sweet good byes.
Kissing me softly, you wipe tears from my eyes.
Somehow between us a change has come.
Now on we must go, taking each day one by one.

Onward and upwards our paths must now be.
We say to each other, "Don't cry for me".
Strive on for the things we want from life.
Just like the Pied Piper playing his fife.
I'll miss you forever there's a place in my heart.
It belongs to you only it's been there from there start.
Your kiss, your smile, your touch, your eyes.
Are now sweet memories that bring on tearful sighs.

How you are feeling is anyone's guess.
As each day goes by, you are loving me less.
Nothing can stop this chain of events.
Swiftly love came, and just as swiftly love went.

So softly we sing our final swan song.
Still loving each other and waving a sad so long.
Life has claimed two more heart broken mates.
Leaving them pondering their futures and fates.



I watch you from the doorway and you are not aware of me.
You are concentrating on re-arranging the room.
Your desk moved here, a file cabinet there.
I watch you bend, my heart skips a beat.
The view you give me unknowingly.
Sends desire coursing through me.
Desire to bring to your body, thrills beyond compare.
You bend once more and I can no longer stay at the door.
I walk behind you and place my hands on your hips.
I press my pelvis to your backside.
You squeal in surprise, rise and turn to me.
You see the desire for you in my eyes.
And your own soften as you touch my face.
I pull you to me and place my lips on your neck.
Your breathing becomes sharp as I open your blouse and remove it.
My lips move to your shoulder as my hands find their way to your bare breasts.
You moan that soft moan of wanting.
You want more; I will gladly give it.
I slide my hands down your body.
I slip off your jeans, then knead your thighs with my fingertips.
You wear no underwear and my fingers move to your forest.
They dance amongst its coarseness and you moan louder and longer.
I slip inside your lips and find your bud of pleasure.
I begin to tug on it and you thrust against me.
You wrap me in your arms and bury your face in my mane.
Moaning my name, my fingers find your hidden cave.
They enter into its moistness.
You shudder from the pleasure this brings.
My movements increase, as does your breathing.
Soon you are riding that crest of desire.
And are over the edge and flowing wanting over my hand.
You continue to ride this crest until spent.
I kiss you deeply and then turn and leave you as I found you.
Looking ever so desirable and yearning for more.


As your fingers land upon my skin,
A rush of intense joy I feel.
You begin sometimes within my mane,
And sometimes at my heel.

As your hand traverses along my skin,
I feel my passion begin to arise.
When you trail your fingers along my neck,
My breath turns into sighs.

Then you move down along my chest,
Your hand sneaks its way about.
To cup my breast within it's palm,
My nipples become erect and pout.

Then your hand slips down along my thigh,
You feel me quiver under your touch.
I release a small cry of pleasure,
I have never hungered for someone so much.

Lover it is not just your touch,
It is also the person you are.
I've fallen in love with an angel,
I am yours always, whether we are near or far.

Your Kiss

The first time I felt it,
It was so powerfully demanding,
Yet so shockingly sensual.

So very natural feeling,
So very soft,
So electrifying.

And now so many months later,
When I think of your kiss,
I go weak all over.

And when I feel it,
A fire begins in me,
That only your caresses cure.

I can never get enough,
When you are kissing me,
I want more and more.

I never want them to stop,
I want your lips on mine,

And when you place them on my neck,
I get lost in all that we have and are,
Sweet oblivion...........

So my sweet love,
when I need you close,
I dream feel your kisses.

You are never farther away,
than the feeling of your,
ghostly kisses upon my lips.

Oh I live for those kisses,
and would gladly draw in my last breath,
for just one more......

Written for you Denni

May 8th 1999

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