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Poetry by Sandra M. Sullins

Heaven Lost an Angel
Heaven lost an angel
The day that you were born
I wonder if they miss you
And if they’re all forlorn.

They can not have you back
For you belong to me
And I will never let you go
As you can plainly see.

You’re my personal angel
And you were meant to be
Here on Earth and in my heart
And taking care of me.
And I could never let you go
‘Cause I would surely die
If I couldn’t be with you
All heaven I’d defy.
Surely God is merciful
To a fool like me
And will let me keep my angel
Or let me accompany
My love back to heaven
‘Cause I’d go willingly.

Song of Sorrow
A soul walked out
In thunder born
In search of peace
From pride and scorn.
An ill wind blew
The rain beat down
No where surcease
From pain is found.
A soul’s sorrow
Leaves mortal wounds
Without decrease
From misfortune’s
Loathsome visage.
Only death will
Provide release
From cold heart’s chill
And send a soul
Back to the place
Where sorrows cease
From God’s embrace.

I reach out to the flame Mesmerized...
But will I get burned?
The light is bright
and warm and calls to me...
But will I get hurt?
Drawn like a moth
on delicate wings...
So easily broken
But striving ne’ertheless to reach
to touch--to be complete
Singed wings and all.

Last Night
Last night I stood at the edge of the precipice
and looked down and a voice said Jump
and I leaned out and watched my tears
disappear into the mist and Jump Now
it said and I felt the rim begin to crumble
under my feet and Jump
it shouted and I closed my eyes
and spread my arms
and prepared to leap...

There are two endings to this song of woe
One, I stay,
or Two, I go.

Look into my green eyes
And see the monster hiding there.
Now that I've found the one I want
I'm determined not to share.

When I look into your eyes
I see the love shining there.
But when you look away from me
I feel like you don't care.

Oh, treacherous thought, "Pluck out his eyes!
And be his final sight."
We always kill the thing we love
Just like the widow's bite.

I look away with sorrowful eyes
And dim what once was bright
For I can't kill the one I love
And I won't give up the fight.

Copyright© 1998 Sandra M.Sullins. All rights reserved.

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