Poetry by Themis
Eyes of Love

The eyes of of love
Have looked upon us
And blessed us with their gaze;
And the hands of love
Have brought us near
With laughing, sunny days.
Although our smiles
Have long since faded
And love has fled from view,
The memories linger
And touch my mind
With a beautiful picture of you.


Whenever I'm feeling a little bit blue
I pause for a while and think about you
My cares seem to vanish as though they had wings
In the comfort and joy a thought of you brings
For your friendship is a blessing in so many ways
A halo of sunshine to brighten my days
Just thinking of you and this friendship we share
Is all that I need to make my day fair.

I Believe

They tell me that one day
I may call you friend
And I believe
One morning I will wake
And not long for you by my side
And I believe
One day I will not be tormented
By broken dreams and promises
And I believe
My life goes on
And I seek true happiness
I will overcome my memories
And though I may never loose all feeling for you
I will find love again
Because I believe


You said you almost loved me
And my heart sank to my feet
For fear that inch 'tween what you feel
And love might never meet
I waited for you love to come
To hear your heart sing out
But on and on it never did
And my dreams were dimmed with doubt
We sang and laughed together
As the days passed on in turn
The seceret held within your heart
Was not for me to learn
Suddenly things seemed to change
My heart could feel the chill
Emptiness stood just outside
Waiting for the kill
That night you found it difficult
To look into my eyes
I knew the end was very near
I'd soon hear your goodbye
I held my tears, I would not cry
Your eyes began to fill
You gently kissed my forehead
And then we both stood still
I knew then that you loved me
And in your special way
You'd settle down and find yourself
And you'd be back someday.


You must not fear the emotion
When it steps into your path
But grab hold with all your strength
and never let it pass

For sheltered by the arms of love
The sun will shine on you
Your days will be filled with the light of love
Its warmth will be yours at night

The sparkle in your eyes so deep
The smile upon your face
Each becomes a part of you
Because love has taken its place

Do not let it pass you by
This thing that we all need
For love lost is never regained
When love is near you must try
It call to answer and heed.


Not a day goes by
Without your image crossing my mind
I cry upward to an empty sky
Hoping a reason I will find
A reason to believe in tomorrow
For in yesterday there is no hope
Only more tears to borrow
No way for me to cope
You were so tough as you walked away
Never once did you look back
The words in my heart I could not say
But they slipped out as it began to crack
I begged you to stop
I have no pride
How can you leave as to my knees I drop?
I can't handle this grief
But I know you, you're not tough
I've seen your softness
I know your tender side
I've gazed upon the diamond in the rough
You feel the same pain as I
But you hide it all within
Never let them see
And all the while
The pain is killing me.

I Am There

I was there tonight
Did you feel my prescence
In the breeze blowing thru your hair?
Did you see my smile
As the sun was setting low in the sky?
I was there
In the lyrics of that song
Whispering softly of my love for you.
You shuddered at my touch
So gentle you had to wonder
Was it real or just an image in your mind?
I'm with you my love
Both night and day
Though miles may lie between us
In my mind and in my heart
I hold you Oh so tight
So as this evening draws to close
And you settle into slumber
Close your eyes and feel my embrace
You will never have to wonder
For I am there in heart and soul.



Come to me
And I'll hold you near
Ease your pain, calm your fears
I'd take it from you
And gladly bear it
For my heart is so full
Of the love that we share
I am your friend
My shoulders will carry
Through thick and thin
You have no worries
I'll be your lover
Your passion to stir
There is no other
This emotion so pure
I'd be your all
If only I could
Break down these walls
And be where I should
For now here is my heart
It is all that I have
Till we're no longer apart
And my heart will be glad
When you come to me
And I hold you near......



I close my eyes
Against the lonliness of this room
And an image comes to mind
Your face hovers over me
Framed softly in the candle light
By your hair
My fingers wrap themselves in it
Pulling you closer
Eyes search mine for doubts or hesitation
And finding none
Your lips, soft and warm,
Beckon me to join with them
But before we can touch
A cool breeze blows over me
Bringing me back to reality
You are not here
The doubts were too strong
My eyes are now open
To the lonliness in my heart....


The Answer

You want to know, "Have I fallen in love?"
How can I explain?
I see you smile from photos
But have yet to gaze into your eyes
I have felt your embrace in my dreams
But have never touched your hand
Yet you have touched my soul
And stolen my heart
Your wish is my command
As surely as I must breath
I need you in my life
To share the joys and fullfill the needs
To help in bearing the sorrow
I long to hear your laughter when life is being kind
To hear you softly speak my name and wonderously find
A voice that always melts my heart
Brimming with desire
To hold you in those moments when everything you need
Is given is a caring touch to ground you in reality
Needing, Longing,
Sharing, Giving,
Wanting, Desiring,
The words of action say it all
Somehow with all the odds against us
I have fallen in love
I more ways than I though possible.


Have Faith

Have faith in me, believe in us
For testing love they say, is a must
The time has come, we knew it would
We can beat the odds, I promised we could
And I'm good for a promise, I'll earn your trust
I'll be there in your morning, sharing every sip of coffee
As it warms you through and through, well, you'll know it is me
I'll be there during lunch, with your tuna fish
Listening to your thoughts, memorizing every wish
And in the evening madness, with every honking of the horn
I'll be there to calm you, though with laughter I'll be torn
And when the night falls softly and all is quiet
Oh, what a wonder...
Close your eyes and I'll be there
Cradling you gently in slumber...
Sweet dreams, my love, sleep well....



My mind holds a vision
Of how we could be
Two becoming as one
Giving yourself to me
Eyes sparkling true and bright
Your love there for me to see
Desire rising with all its might
Surely this is meant to be
The time and place
We don't yet know
To touch your face
And call you my own
You are my soul
This emotion runs so deep
In your arms, my home
My heart is yours to keep
I've never know such longing
And felt that need returned
You give me a sense of belonging
And now I am ready to learn
To accept each new day dawning
Seeking your smile at every turn.


Copyrightę 1999 Themis. All rights reserved.

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