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Hello everyone!

My name is Kira, also, many of my friends know me as SKAZKA Which means "Fairy Tale " in russian. I live in Chicago with my family and my dog. Reading and driving are my most favorite things to do. No,wait... Not true.... My most fave thing to do is to spend time with my *real life* friends: John and Nancy and chat online with my girl Patti and my *sis* Dee. All those people are very special to me and I love them very much. Also, I LOVE "Xena:Warrior Princess" TV Show. I made so many friends, chatting online about the show(Waving, hi guys). Now we all hang out at STG's Woman to Woman and Xenite Forums.

Me and Patti got married on February 14, 1999!!!! And I am moving to Oregon to be with her and her boys. I can't wait !!! See my family here

I am in Oregon now!!! WOW!! It is beauriful here and I love it. Life is great. We are in love as much as we were two years ago!!!

This is the place you can find me to chat. Also this is the place for women to talk about everything and anything. Please visit us. Note:You will need to register. You must be 18 or older to enter.

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My Xena Page
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Photo Album
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Patti's Awesome Poetry Page
Patti's Romantic Poetry Page.
Xenite Forum
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Page of my royal friend:):)
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For my Friends...
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Wow!! I got SO many awards now!!!
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