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As I said earlier, I love this show.It is very unique as well as entartaining. One of the reasons I love it so much is incredible friendship between two main characters: Xena and Gabrielle. If you are not familiar with the show here is the scoop. Xena is a warrior, who used to be ruthless warlord and Ares' favorite. But now she is fighting against everything she used to be. Along with her best friend Gabrielle, bard. They met when Xena saved Gabrielle and her village from raiders. Gabrielle fallowed Xena, and soon they became friends. Their friendship is amazing and their love for each other is touching. Now they travel together fighting against evil. Battle on, Xena!!!

My fave pages plus Xena Fun Fiction Links:

My Xena FF

Xena Online Resources
Xena and Hercules Search engine
Obsession's Home Page Presents : The Xena: Warrior Princess
One of the coolest places to go for good FF.
Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Page

Katrina's Fan Fiction Site

Misschf's Tales

MaryD's Fan Fiction Page

LynKa's Xena Fan Fiction

This page has everything one can desire.
Tom's Xena Page
One of the best pages.
A Day in the Life... (of a Xena Addict)
Great page. My personal fave.:):)
Just the place to go if you need Xena stuff.
Great sound files collection.
Absolutely XenaCrazed
Great page, a lot of Xena...
Xena:Warrior Princess Information Page
Need info? Here is just the place to go!
Ronny's Xena Page
Nice place.
Ryan Black's Unofficial Web-Site of Xena: Warrior Princess
Another great page:)
Nice work from this Xena fan.
Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central
Lots of useful info.
Gabbygab & Mariner's Look at Xena: Warrior Princess
Great page. Alot of cool stuff.You name it...they've got it:):)
WarriorHeart & Witchblade's Xena Page
Verry nice page....Huge collection of sound files.
The Poteidaia Post Office: Xena E-mail Postcards
Wanna make someones day? Send Xena post card!!!:):)(works for me)

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